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Welcome to our rides page. Below is a list of our main club rides that take place during the week. They detail approximate distances and likely speeds. Hopefully you can find a ride that suites you. Our aim is to make club cycling as accessible to riders of all levels of ability as possible, importantly we want you to enjoy the experience with a group of friends and to be assured that whatever your ability you will not be left behind on any of our club rides.

Sunday mornings

For: All riders
Speed: Usually a leisurely pace of 12 – 14 mph and depending on numbers and availability of ride leaders a faster Mid paced group travelling at around 14 – 16 mph.

Distance: 30 - 40 miles with a café stop. 

These rides start from the Hethersett Social Club at 9.00am (Spring/Summer) and 9.30am (Autumn/Winter).

Tuesdays & Thursday evenings

For: Mid paced riders cycling at 14 – 16 mph or faster riders cycling at 17 + mph average

Distance: Around 25 miles

Theses rides start between 6:30 – 7.00 pm from Hethersett Social Club (summer only)

Mid-Week rides

For: All riders, these rides are particularly popular with older club riders.

Speed: A leisurely pace of between 12 – 14 mph.

Distance: 40 – 50 miles

These rides are normally on a Wednesday, leave either Hethersett social club or Howards Cycles of Wymondham at between 9.30 – 10.00 am. These rides will include a coffee/cake stop.

Saturday mornings

For: Those who are less confident, new to riding in a group and prefer slower and shorter rides.

Speed: who cares.

Distance: between 20 – 30 miles with a coffee/cake stop.

These rides normally leave Hethersett social club at 9.30 am and Howards Cycles of Wymondham at 10.00 am

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